Digital Marketing Freelancer

After several years in a digital media agency and my consulting missions at client-side, I started as a freelancer to help small structures create a digital presence through web development. I also accompany any structure through consulting missions in digital marketing.

My passion for digital marketing

My name is Placide and I have a degree in management sciences at Solvay Brussels School with a minor in marketing analytics. My passion for digital marketing led me to launch the Solvay Student Marketing Club in order to deepen my knowledge in the field and to offer opportunities for students.

It is in this perspective that I started my career at Semetis which is the Belgian market leader in digital Advertising & Business Intelligence. This allowed me to gain expertise in managing digital campaigns across multiple platforms. I bring to the client strong technical knowledge in digital marketing acquired through my certifications (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Marketing Platforms, Facebook, Bing, Snapchat and Data Studio).

My passion for web development

After my agency experience, I decided to refine the knowledge by moving into the client side consulting sphere. During all this time I had developed a passion in creating websites via WordPress. During my missions I noticed that often web design and digital marketing are two things that evolve in silos while there is a synergy between the two areas that should be put in place from the beginning of the project. This siloing is even more striking in small structures, which with the growing digitalization, need the two approaches to be integrated.

Digital marketing & Web development

It is from this observation that I started as a freelance digital marketing consultant with the following offers:

  1. Helping small businesses to create a digital presence through the integration of web design process in digital marketing.
  2. Helping all structures through freelance missions in digital marketing (and using my knowledge in web design & development as added value).

My expertise in digital marketing

Digital Advertising

Digital Analytics, Tagging & Dashboarding


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