My Services

My consulting services are tailored to the complexities of the digital marketing ecosystem. My multidisciplinary expertise helps you develop your digital presence through in-house missions.

Services: In-house consulting

A pivotal role between stakeholders

I bring cross-functional knowledge from agencies and technology partnerships, enabling me to support clients in developing their digital presence and bridging internal and external stakeholders.

T-shape expert

The digital marketing landscape has grown increasingly complex, requiring marketers to develop cross-functional skills to execute effective campaigns. My T-shaped expertise can assist you in developing your digital presence through customized assignments.

Tailored consulting for a complex ecosystem

I assist in developing your digital presence (campaigns, positioning, strategy) through in-house assignments, leveraging my multidisciplinary skills and digital marketing expertise for flexible process management involving various professions.

Ecosystem audit

I assist brands in identifying areas for optimization within the digital marketing ecosystem through short-term assignments. My goal is to maximize the efficiency of digital campaign activation assets.

Marketing consulting

My multidisciplinary expertise allows me to provide support marketing teams in implementing brand strategies through long or short-term missions. They play a pivotal role in steering the implementation process.

Marketing strategy

I provide assistance to brands in defining their digital marketing strategy through short or long-term missions. My multidisciplinary expertise enables us to take a holistic approach to the ecosystem.

Operational Missions

I take care of the implementation of paid digital campaigns for brands, leveraging their cross-functional expertise to streamline information from various stakeholders.