Develop Your Digital Presence

Unlock Your Brand's Growth Potential with My Expert Campaign Asset Optimization and Innovative Digital Marketing Consulting to Empower All Your Stakeholders!

My services: In-house consulting missions

Audit of the ecosystem

Digital marketing consulting

Digital marketing strategy

Operational missions

Tailored consulting for a complex ecosystem

I assist in developing your digital presence (campaigns, positioning, strategy) through in-house assignments, leveraging their multidisciplinary skills and digital marketing expertise for flexible process management involving various professions.

Transversal & multidisciplinary expertise

1. Ecosystem audit

I start by auditing the ecosystem of digital campaign activation assets. This includes available marketing technologies, activation & measurement processes etc.

2. Marketing consulting

Once areas for optimization are identified in the audit, recommendations are provided to enhance campaign activation assets. Our digital marketing consultancy can be tailored for short or long-term assignments.

3. Marketing strategy

I help brands define their digital marketing strategy through short or long-term engagements. My diverse expertise allows for a holistic approach to the digital marketing ecosystem.

4. Operational Missions

I take care of the implementation of paid digital campaigns based on the audit and strategy. Leveraging my cross-functional expertise, I streamline information from various stakeholders for efficient execution.

A pivotal role between stakeholders

I bring cross-functional knowledge from agencies and technology partnerships, enabling me to support clients in developing their digital presence and bridging internal and external stakeholders.

Multidisciplinary digital marketing expertise

Digital advertising

What tools can we use to promote our products / services? Based on a strategy, what activation should be put in place? Social media, search engine advertising, publishers, etc.

Web analytics

What are the methods for measuring the return on investment across various communication channels? How can our team assess the user experience of our tools to identify potential areas for improvement?


While having a website or app is a crucial first step, optimizing for search engines is essential to improve visibility and accessibility for users.

Website Dev. & 10%

I assist entrepreneurs in building their websites, including showcase or e-commerce sites. As part of my philosophy, we dedicate 10% of our time to pro bono projects, aligning with the concept of contributing to the common good