YouTube SEO, how to rank your video

YouTube SEO 2023: How to rank your videos – Intro

This article is part of the series of articles regarding YouTube SEO. We will first start explaining the importance of the SEO of YouTube videos. Then we will deep-dive in what should be taken into account in order to improve the ranking, the number of views and so on.

Youtube and evolution video consumption

The consumption of video has increased in recent years which of course resulted in Youtube becoming key in a digital marketing strategy. Videos are a great means to create strong emotional connections by visually capturing the attention of customers, leading to higher brand engagement and increased leads and sales.

YouTube is the second most visited site on the web worldwide, right after Google. Despite this, most digital marketers still do not consider spending more time on the optimisation of the content and the positioning of their videos. This is crucial regardless where you are in the funnel of conversion (awareness, consideration or sales).

In addition to the fact that video is becoming important in the customer journey, here are some key figures that should encourage to improve your YouTube video SEO:

  • It’s 2 billion active monthly users,
  • 500+ hours of content uploaded every minute!

YouTube Goal

Before explaining to you what you should do, let’s first focus a minute on the goal of the platform from a YouTube perspective.
Help viewers find the videos they want to watch.
Maximise the long term viewer engagement and satisfaction.

It is key to understand that you have to put you in the shoes of the users in order to increase the numbers of viewers of your YouTube content.

Based on goals, we will subdivide the deep-dive articles of this topics into several segments:

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