how to select and implement a wordpress theme

How to select and implement a WordPress theme

The WordPress theme is the cornerstone of your WordPress website. It allows you to have an idea on how you could configure the website. However, do not confuse it with WordPress template, they are two different things. In this article, we will focus on how you can select and upload/activate your theme.

What are the criteria to select a theme?

Firstly, look at how many people installed the theme and how many rated it. This enables us to identify if the stars that the theme has are representative with regards to the downloads. Secondly, look at the latest update. This enables us to identify if the team behind is active. Hence, except that the theme will continue to be improved.

Thirdly, you can select a theme based on the features it offers or the subject you want to cover. The feature could be that the theme can be translated into multiple languages and the subject could be that theme is built to support an eCommerce.

How to add a WordPress theme?

Before you activate your theme, you can already have a look at all the different themes available on the WordPress official website. The only thing you have to do is to select in accordance with the criteria mentioned and based on your needs.

Nevertheless, by just typing the type of WordPress you are looking for in the Google browser, you can already find a few ideas. There are several websites that display a large variety of themes. For example, if you are looking for an eCommerce theme, you can just type “free WordPress eCommerce theme” in the browser. You will be amazed by how many results you will get. If you come across a template that you like, you can download it and then, upload it in the WordPress interface.

If you already activated WordPress, you can already use the WordPress interface in order to select the theme. You have the same options as on the official WordPress website. However, you do not have to download it. You can just install and active.

how to add a wordpress theme

To conclude, there are plenty of themes on WordPress that enable you to build your WordPress website. You can find them on the official WordPress website, on the web, and on the WordPress interface. In order to facilitate your selection, you can take into account the following criteria: the downloads, starts, how many people rated the plugin, last update, features and subjects that the theme covers.

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