Wordpress Https Plugin And SSL Certificate Implementation

WordPress https plugin and SSL certificate implementation


Having a secured website (https) became a concern of most of the eCommerce owners given that it allows protecting the personal information of users that are making transactions on the website. How can you implement WordPress https?

What is https?

The hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) is a secured version of HTTP.  The protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The subject is a hot topic now because Google decided to penalise websites that do not have a secured version.

Why do you have to install the SSL certificate?

If you want to build an eCommerce, implementing the https should be one of your concern. Because it helps to protect your customers. The https helps to secure the transactions made on your website. In addition, Google announced that it will penalise no secured websites. Therefore, implementing a secure hypertext transfer protocol allows getting a trustworthy website. You guarantee your customers that their personal information such credit card password will not be stolen. In addition, it might have an impact on your SEO.

How to implement the HTTPS on a WordPress website?

They are two means to implement it. The first option is by modifying manually the .htaccess file. We already covered that topic. The second option is to do it with the help of a plugin. Which is the easiest option for beginners. Nevertheless, you still have to verify in the first place if your host deal includes the SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). This is the certificate you have to have in order to activate the https of your WordPress. In our case, the certificate was included in the price we paid to our host. The only thing we did was to make sure that is was active.

Then, you have to implement the Really Simple SSL plugin in the WordPress interface, configure its settings. Then, activate it in order to guarantee that your users will only have access to the secured version of your WordPress.

In summary, the secured version of the protocol that governs the exchange of data between your consumer’s browser and your website becomes crucial. Given that it protects the user’s personal information. The certificate needed in order to implement that protocol is activated at the host level. Thanks to the Really Simple SSL you ensure that all the users will have access to the secured version of the website.

You can also activate your SSL certificate on your website through Fillezila

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