The Importance Of Implementing Social Media Share On Your Website

The importance of implementing social media share on your website

What you will learn in this article

  • The social plugins for sharing your content
  • The importance of social media in order to build your community and improve your SEO

The purpose of a social media

Given the rising importance of social media in a marketing strategy, developing a strategy becomes crucial in order to reach or to build our community. Nowadays, we have access to a lot of media from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat to Pinterest, to name but a few. There is no purpose to implement all of them without a real strategy. 

Thus, from the beginning you should define the purpose of each one, think about the message you want to deliver and which target audience you want to reach. It will be time-consuming and you will spread out your energy and focus, but it’ll definitely be rewarding.

How to implement them on your WordPress website

As previously mentioned, the easiest way to add new features would be by implementing plugins on your website. There are a lot of plugins for each platform. They allow you to have sharing icons either on the top/end of the page or on the side of each page or post. Even though you only focus on some of them, the sharing icons will allow you to cover other social. Since there are a lot and based on our experience we recommend you to start with the plugin SumoMe in order to share your content.

The importance of social share: Build a community

When you have several social media, you can implement a specific plugin for each media so that your feed or a portion appears also on your website. Which means that people visiting your website get to know how they could interact with your community. Moreover, if your content is interesting enough, you give the possibility to share it throughout their own community. Thus, by implementing social media share, you can increase your community and your reach.

In summary, social media has become crucial in order to raise brand awareness and to build a brand community. However, the implementation of social media should be based on a real purpose/goal and strategy rather than just following a trend. The implementation of social media on a WordPress website is possible through a plugin and helps to raise your community and community interaction.

In addition, it allows your audience to share your content which might increase your reach. Last but not least, by giving the ability to your users to share, it increases the user experience. Moreover, Google takes it into account for the ranking of the website on Google search. In other words, it might even help you with improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In our case, in order to give the ability to the user to share our content, we use MashShare. But if you want you share yourself the content across platform, you should SumoMe (now renamed Sumo). 

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